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Research Areas

ECG is mean to provide the atmospheric science research and development with the necessary resources to improve scientific problems and day by day climate issues. The following are the ECG research areas:-

  • Provide a variety of programs to support research developments and promote education for students, researchers, international projects
  • Perform modeling and simulation including determination of level of greenhouse gases
  • Develop new methods and techniques in detection of cloud scenes from NIR radiance data
  • Develop new mathematical methods for real-time mode computation involving large scale data from the Earth orbiting micro-spectrometers
  • Radiative transfer analysis based on HITRAN line-by-line computation
  • Support Earth and Space Science related patents and publications
  • Atmospheric analysis and awareness
  • Population vs. pollution effects on greenhouse gases
  • Remote sensing instrumentation design and development
  • Arctic site data analysis
  • Seasonal change of CO2 and CH4

Our team are continuously working on to contribute on climate change related subjects by publishing research papers and applying patents.