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Research & Development Services at ECG

Epic Climate Green (ECG) Inc. is an organization developing research on Atmospheric Science, Climate Change and related fields, delivering support services to researchers and educators in Canada and worldwide. ECG team of Scientists, Researchers and Engineers  work with the collaborators to ensure that technical resources and remote sensing data analysis should meet the demand of today’s greatest climate change challenges.

Who We Are?

A Team of Experts and Scientists Working to Reduce The Concerns of Global Climate Change






Detection of carbon dioxide CO2

ECG team with a collaborator proposed first to use a new method for determination of mixing ratio of CO2 within a small spectral range from 1550 to 1600 nm.

Software development

ECG team performs numerical correlations based on statistical analysis. We correlate the statistical data obtained from North America on the Western Hemisphere and Asian countries on the Eastern hemisphere.

New methodologies in detection of fires

Radiance Enhancement (RE) is a new method for efficient detection of cloud scenes by NIR radiance data from space micro-spectrometer.

2D imaging in NIR

As a future plan we also consider a possibility to launch a cluster of space based micro-spectrometers that can be capable to produce the spectral data for 2D near infrared (NIR) imaging.

High resolution micro-spectrometers

ECG team’s future plan is to collect more datasets from a space based micro-spectrometer with improved characteristics such as higher spectral resolution and sensitivity.

Remote Sensing of Upper Atmosphere By Satellite Mission

Argus 1000 Flight path : Monitoring CO2 and other green house gas emissions 

Argus 1000 : Cloud scene detection